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High Fat Diet & Mental Fatigue

Mental fatigue occurs when you spend sustained attention on demanding cognitive tasks.  Mental fatigue can cause attention and efficiency declines, slower reaction times, and poorer

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The Problem with Cheat Days

Cheat days that include foods prevalent in the Western Diet can diminish the cognitive benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.  A recent study involving 5001 Chicago

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Habit Stacking

Habit Stacking is adding a new habit right before or after a fully integrated habit.  For example: Add a gratitude reflection or squats while you

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Laughter & Endorphins

It’s the holiday season and we are socially isolated due to the pandemic, yet we need social support to thrive. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that make

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Flexibility & Relationships

Close high-quality relationships are linked to strong mental and physical well-being.  Flexibility skills can enhance these relationships. Researchers conducted a meta-analysis on 174 papers with

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The Brainbow & Immune System

Food can help our immune system successfully fight off a pathogen.  A strong immune system requires the interaction of numerous micronutrients in a large variety

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Core Strength & Stress

The fight-or-flight stress response begins in the emotional brain with the panic button amygdala.  This threat processor has been on overdrive during the pandemic.  When

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Wilderness & Wellness

Getting through the colder months of the fall and winter, during the pandemic, might be eased if you can visit a wilderness area with a

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