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Plan to be Outside

Time spent in nature (TSN) is associated with better mental and physical health.  TSN includes urban greenspace, residential and neighborhood gardens, parks, beaches, fields, and

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Grit & Well-being

Researchers synthesized 83 studies with 66, 518 participants to discover that grit skills are related to well-being.  Grit has been defined as the capacity to

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Why Exercise Improves Mood

The mood boost, sometimes called the runner’s high, following exercise was thought to be due to an increase in endorphins.  Recent research shows that it

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Alcohol & Brain Size

Alcohol use is a contributor to global disease burden, healthcare costs, and economic losses.  Heavy alcohol use, defined as 3 or more drinks for women

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Exercise Relieves Impacts of Trauma

Traumatic experiences can keep the brain on high alert.  Chronic activation of the fight-or-flight stress response forms pathways of brain cells that promote hypervigilance.  Unresolved

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Recovery from Stressful Phase

Prolonged stress is a major contributor to biological (premature) aging.  One measure of biological aging, which differs from chronological aging, is telomere length.  Telomeres are

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Self-Concept & Well-being

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – your right.~Henry Ford or Virgil On this last day of Women’s History month, here

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The Problem with Grind Culture

Research has shown that working long hours increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.  The heightened stress caused by overwork is believed to increase

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Walking with the Wind

The Dutch practice of Uitwaaien (pronounced out-vi-en, emphasis on out) focuses on the restorative mental and physical benefits of being outdoors.  The best translation of

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