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Powerful Hippocampus

The hippocampus is a structure deep in the emotional brain that processes memory.  It is critical for learning and recalling information stored in long-term memory. 

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Night Owls & Depression

Sleep patterns are controlled by a regulation process called the circadian rhythm.  Our arousal process, made up of specific brain cells, hormones, and chemicals keep

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Brain Size Matters

Our brains shrink with age and brain atrophy is correlated with risk of cognitive decline and dementia.  In 2017, scientists discovered that indigenous Tsimane inhabitants

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Fruits, Veggies & Stress

A study of 8,689 Australian men and women, average age 47 years, examined the relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and perceived stress.  Perceived stress

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Prescription to Reverse Aging

A recent clinical trial demonstrated that an 8-week diet and lifestyle program can reverse biological aging in otherwise healthy adult males, ages 50-72.  The intervention

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Exercise Benefits All Ages

Researchers examined data from two studies of American adults to explore the relationship between exercise and a sense of purpose in life: 14,159 participants from

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Diet & Reducing Inflammation

The gut microbiome influences inflammation in our digestive and immune systems.  Inflammation plays a role in heart disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and Alzheimer’s

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