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Music Improves Sleep Quality

Poor sleep quality can cause stress, impaired cognitive capacity, and weakened physical health.  A meta-analysis of five studies investigating the impact of music therapy on

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Wisdom & Diet

Wisdom, also known as sapience or sagacity, is the capacity to think and act using knowledge, experience, insight, understanding, and common sense.  Its characteristics include

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Resilience & Worldview on Nature

Today is Earth Day.  Feeling connected to nature is associated with resilience and happiness, as well as decreased anxiety.  Researchers evaluated how human’s relationship with

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Reframe Stress

The fight-or-flight stress response is designed to help us survive threats.  Our body automatically scans our environment for threat and when detected, it reacts by

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Impact of Pandemic Trauma

Trauma, like long-lasting chronic stress, can have long-term impacts.  The pandemic has traumatized all of us, but we are likely to have different experiences depending

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Exercise Improves Sleep

Exercise empowers your memory-processing hippocampus and sleep improves your capacity to make short term memory more stable in your brain, which is critical to developing

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Negative Information & Well-being

Our brain’s panic button, the amygdala, ignites the fight-or-flight stress response.  These almond shaped structures, one in each hemisphere (plural is amygdalae), evaluate our environment

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Therapeutic Landscapes

Saturday, March 20 is the first day of spring. Research shows that spending time in green spaces, natural outdoor settings, can improve mental health.  Beneficial

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Sleep Consistency & Mood

On Sunday, we spring forward and advance our clocks one hour for Daylight Saving Time. Sleep consistency and sleep duration are both important to maintaining

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