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Exercise Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety impacts about 10% of people, and about twice as many women suffer from anxiety than men.  People with anxiety often have other mental health

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Stress & Cardiovascular Health

The American Heart Association recently published a statement for the healthcare community about the impact of mental health on cardiovascular health.  An interdisciplinary panel of

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Memory Boosters

If your work requires memorization, findings from research may help boost your memory. Words spoken aloud were better recalled than words read silently by study

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Power of Posture

Posture influences our mood, and negative emotions are associated with a stooped body posture.  Research has examined whether posture impacts emotion regulation and stress resilience. 

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Resilience & Stress Exposure

Resilience is positive adaptation to adversity.  It has been considered an individual character trait.  Recent research explored resilience as a pattern of responses during ongoing

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Meditation Enhances Mental Pliancy

Focused attention meditation can increase connectivity within and among brain networks.  Meditation involves sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing, noticing if your mind wanders,

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Optimism is a Mental Superpower

Cultivating optimism can improve health and counteract the negative impacts of stress. The frustrations and the losses associated with the pandemic, racial violence, or wildfire

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